Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lunar Librarians and after school program providers too!

Through our work on education and outreach on LRO, we partnered with the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) and their Explore: Fun with Science project. From the website: Explore! Fun with Science is designed to engage youth in space and planetary science in the library and other informal learning environments. Through video explorations, related hands-on activities, and supporting resources, children of all ages are immersed in the wonders of rockets, space colonies, our solar system, how our planets were shaped, and more!

The LRO Spacecraft as envisioned by one of the participants of our Colorado workshop held at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science May 8-9.

LPI worked with our team to create the Explore: To the Moon and Beyond with LRO module. They have the expertise in developing materials and activities for library and after-school programs, and we have the content and cool images and visualizations. Together we have conducted two-day workshops for librarians in Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. During the workshops we include hands-on activities designed for children and have LRO scientists and engineers talk to the participants about the upcoming LRO mission.

Lava Layers activity includes creating maps and simulating drill coring.

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