Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Live from AGU - Planetary Science!!

The annual American Geophysical Union meeting is going on this week in San Francisco, CA. The meeting pulls in thousands of scientists and educators each year, many of whom are affiliated with NASA. To learn about NASA's scientific contributions to the meeting, click here.

Talk and poster sessions cover topics ranging from volcanology to paleoclimatology to planetary science and everything in between. This year, you can check out some of the action from the meeting without having to fork over the big bucks needed to get to San Francisco. Two lectures by prominent scientists will be webcast live today! The first lecture is on Mars exlporation, which is near and dear to our hearts as you can tell from reading this blog. To view these webcasts, click

1440h Pacific time
The Importance of a Program of Mars Exploration
Presented by Raymond E. Arvidson, Washington University

1815h Pacific time
Abrupt Climate Change and Our Future
Presented by Lonnie Thompson, Ohio State University

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