Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Twittering from the NASA IPY Meeting II

We are back at Goddard today for day 2 of the NASA IPY education and outreach meeting...

Polar Palooza!! http://tinyurl.com/yvjd8e

Check here to see if NASA IPY's Polar Palooza is coming to a place near you http://tinyurl.com/237jcb

the Polar Palooza tagline is "Stories from a changing planet" There will be all sorts of folks who will be part of the tour

oooo! LRO is featured in Polar Palooza when it comes to St Louis Oct 2008

Next talk is on "Exploring Local Landscapes" using Satellite images. The focus is on urban areas

They will use GIS, GPS and remote sensing to connect students to studies in polar regions. The program is out of the University of Toledo

They will use Landsat images available through America View http://www.americaview.org/

Exploring Landscapes student present their research projects at regional science meetings.prizes are "trophies as big as sports trophies!"

Next IPY project collaboration of Windows to the Universe http://www.windows.ucar.edu/ and National Earth Science Teachers Association

National Earth Science Teachers Association National Earth Science Teachers Association http://www.nestanet.org/php

Checkout IPY project Postcards from the Field http://www.windows.ucar.edu=/people/postcards/penguin_post.html

US Satellite Laboratory IPY collaboration . They have a number of cool projects http://www.us-satellite.net/

Most of US Satellite's projecst are for schools ....Signals of Spring, 3-D view include teacher training and classroom support

My NASA Data has IPY related data sets http://mynasadata.larc.nasa.gov

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