Monday, August 20, 2007

Twittering from the NASA IPY Meeting

I am currently sitting in the NASA International Polar Year education and public outreach meeting. During the meeting I am twittering the meeting are my tweets from the from the first session.

in the IPY meeting! Jim Garvin is talking about polar regions on the Moon and Mars

Wow! Jim has the new LRO spacecraft visualization! Really cool (in a geeky sort of way)

now Jim is talking about Mars polar regions here's Jim

I want Jim Garvin's Moon and Mars visualizations! We are meeting in GSFC's Science Visualization Studio

Geeking out at high res images from MRO of the north polar region of Mars

now Jim is talking about Phoenix mission. It launched 2 weeks ago. Check out the video

Check out the NASA and IPY Video

NASA Antarctic researcher Bob Bindschadler is talking about LIMA ..Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica

LIMA: Faces of Antarctica is the education project that will introduce people to Antarctica. Website launches 10/07

Now the guy from Earth & Sky, Ryan Britton

Earth & Sky do radio shows on NASA polar science in english and spanish and podcasts over the next two years. Also social networks: MySpace

Lots of good discussions at lunch ... Now back to Twitter!

Now the GLOBE presentation with a focus on the earth systems science projects

GLOBE Seasons and Biomes

Bob Myers is talking about ESSEA Earth Systems Science Education Alliance online courses for science teachers

The ESSEA courses evolved from just online to combination of online and face-to-face. 3 courses K-4, 5-8, 9-12

Over 1700 preservice and inservice teachers were trained between 2002 and 2005 through ESSEA semester long courses

NASA IPY ESSEA project is to update K-4 course with polar themes and add some polar content to middle and high school courses

Teachers interested in taking an ESSEA course check out current course offerings

DEW Digital Earth Watch...lead by museum of science in Boston with 6 partners uses plant health to monitor the environment

Now one of our projects Sharing IPY to Librarians and Afters School programs

This IPY project builds on "Explore fun with Science"

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